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The Ohio State University Airport (Don Scott Field) is here for all of your passenger, aircraft, and crew needs. We offer EPIC Aviation Fuel who specializes in innovative customer solutions and industry leading fuel quality assurance programs. 

Our Customer Service Team is ready to help you with all of your travel needs.

800.777.5488 | 614.292.5580 | 614.292.5070(fax) |

M-F: 0600-2300 local | Sa/Su:0630-2300 local | 2160 West Case Rd. Columbus, OH 43235

Fuel Services: 


Aircraft Services: 

Ramp Services

Other Services

Daily Ramp Fee - waived with min. fuel or Barnstormer Restaurant Receipt (SE only).


GPU – Piston

GPU – Turbo –Prop/Jet


Cart Preheat – Single-Engine

Cart Preheat – Multi-Engine

Lav Service (Single Point)

Lav Service (Portable)



Forklift - flat fee (min. $100)



     Type I

     Type IV

Varies by


















Wash Bay:

   June – Sept

   Oct – May




Aircraft Mx Call-in:

$200 + (1.5 x Reg. Shop Rate, billed per hour)

Aircraft Storage:

   Hangar (nightly)

   Hangar (monthly)  

   Tie-down (monthly)



Varies by Aircraft

Varies by Aircraft

$85 per "T-space"

After-Hours Service:





Early-Hours Service:













Aircraft Recovery:


Flat fee of $100 + $90/hr. per employee + $100/hr. for forklift usage

*All times are Eastern

*All fees are subject to change

Note(s): Single-engine ramp fee waived when eating at the restaurant. The OSU Airport does not charge a landing fee.